The Wicker Man ★★★★½

I only care about the original, I'm pretty sure no one needs to see the Nick Cage remake, cuz wow, that was quite an experience. I only knew it through references in other media, that it was one of the principal films parodied by Hot Fuzz, and that Britt Ekland had an iconic nude scene (thanks, Coupling - and boy, does she ever). In the story, if you don't know it, a repressed policeman played by Edward Woodward comes to a strange Scottish island to investigate a young girl's disappearance. He's shocked and horrified by the community's Pagan practices and mores, but you may or may not be. It's interesting that he comes off as the intolerant a-hole, the square come to tell all these young people to put some clothes on. Then again, they may be killers. We mentioned Hair around the living room, and there are certainly enough musical numbers (I'm as surprised as anyone, but witches love to sing) for that comparison to resonate. Quite wild.

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