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  • After Earth

    After Earth


    I'm only writing about one day — we talked before but we talked proper on Nwoye's birthday. He added me to discuss all serious, like it was the most serious thing in the world, air conditioning and Plex and various film transfers I should avoid. When I was like Okay sure, he cut in and said Never mind, he actually just wanted to talk about After Earth, his favourite film. He said he was getting his words together for an…

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  • Prometheus



    Asks in the gentlest way possible why would anyone want to be human?

  • Zeros and Ones

    Zeros and Ones


    JJ arrives in Rome and Rome's a ghost town. The 'eternal city' is still eternal, but it is now indefinitely vacant, exhausted. It is still active in Zeros and Ones — people have to be doing something, but its enduring shell is emptied of the romance of history so vividly described by Freud ("Now let us, by a flight of imagination, suppose that Rome is not a human habitation but a psychical entity with a similarly long and copious past…

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  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight

    I attended this really wonderful lecture on superheroes and the War on Terror, and how a number of very important comics post-9/11 became self-critical in their examination of states of emergency and exceptional politics, and the autoimmune system that leads to the violent pursuit of 'order' becoming the greatest source of chaos. Because superheroes respond to 'emergency' situations and operate within a non-legal or extra-legal capacity to inflict sovereign violence on the enemy (the enemy itself prone to slippage e.g.…

  • Hereditary


    Shifts critical-fashionably between polarities of dumb. Hereditary has a secret desire to lose itself to black blooded horror, but it is restrained by Ari Aster's smothering auteurism. The twist is that it's the latter impulse which manifests in ham-fisted cries and hollow shocks, some so shrill that the film inches towards something like a satisfying genre piece. It's kind of hysterical: Collette's gravity defying agony can't steal focus from the smug master crafting callous scenarios in his very own miniature…