13 Going on 30 ★★★

Less about learning to be yourself and appreciating what you've got than its low fantasy peers (Click, Freaky Friday), and more just investing in the creep that loves you because he might grow up to look like Mark Ruffalo. Which, most people don't! But that's okay! Central performance is a weirdo all-timer, unabating from the moment Jenna spills blind out of bed and across the floor, splitting the difference between interpretive dance and survival horror arachnid limbs. Very physical, very emotive, and as the implications of its time travel conceit are explored, very distressing. Good stuff, but it is one of those frustrating films where a useless plot bluffs its way into a prominence that actually curbs the simple pleasures guaranteed by its premise (Garner freaking out in public, soothing Ruffalo hangouts), and critically underutilises Judy Greer.

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