Parasite ★★★½

The parts with the rain briefly reminded me how, at least with the people I knew growing up, 'loving the winter' wasn't so much a cutesy goth thing as a 'my house has heating/insulation' thing. Parasite is elemental, choosing rain as a minor and inevitable occurrence that threatens one group and just changes the scenery for another. Of course the lived administration of these things doesn't matter and Bong understands this — the rain isn't just the rain and using public transport isn't just using public transport. Following the flood from the top of the hill down also traces the Parks' fundamental disgust of the Kims from their guts to their pores.

Up until that scene I had reservations because it felt too slick to be Bong-like, but thinking it would finish with the flood I also had it picked as perfect. The idea of perfect comes with an expiry date though, and the jankier Parasite gets the more peculiarly specific to itself it becomes as a film. Which means it could well be an enduring thing.

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