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  • Mandy



    Exquisite sound design and soundtrack. Pure sludge. Beautiful beautiful photography and little tricks. Story and script aren't players here. I wrinkled my face at a lot of the slowly delivered, overly dramatic goth speeches, but they are almost exclusively limited to the first half. Second half is kill after kill, some better than others.

    Near Dark meets Deadpool.

    It's Peak Cage Rage with some very welcome wack humor. And homo-erotica! I don't watch a ton of horror, especially these kind of gore-fests, but I haven't seen much of anything that's as confidently and unabashedly this nuts and beautiful.

    Perfectly cast from top to bottom.

  • Horsemen



    Story somewhere along the lines of Se7en. Dennis Quaid tries to play along with a hoakie script. Zhang Ziyi, I don't know. It is cool to see her (try to) play a lunatic but she doesn't have much screen time and her scenes appear like patched together edits. In fact, this film has A LOT of obvious continuity mistakes in scenes giving a strong impression it was hacked together in the editing room. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse angle is confusing at times, bouncing focus between Horsemen and victims. And the family drama, central to the plot, is tedious and very after-school special.

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  • Our Little Sister

    Our Little Sister


    I applaud Koreeda for exploring "nice". It's got to be one of the greater challenges a filmmaker faces.

  • I Just Didn't Do It

    I Just Didn't Do It


    A film about a young man accused of touching a young girl's hip and right buttock under her skirt on a crowded train doesn't sound like a compelling two and a half hour legal drama, but this film is compelling and impeccably done. Japan's 99.9% conviction rate is the star of this show and it's scary stuff.