Atomic Blonde ★★★★

The plot gets a little oh-so-tricky but Charlize Theron is such a robo-babe it trumps everything. The fisticuffs are okay, especially the one fight where both participants are so beat up they can barely swing any more. The gun fights are stupid because gun fights are always stupid.

Flicks like this never get up for industry awards, but Theron's performance, or ... really, just the sheer brute force of her screen presence deserves something.

This isn't my kind of movie but if I'm going to indulge, it's nice to see a lady doing the ass-kicking. I enjoyed this a lot (except for the parts I didn't).

[Update] - I just read another LBd review that said "There are like 600 close-ups of Charlize Theron's face, and every one of them is a goddamn work of art". That's a true statement.