Night's Tightrope ★★★

Not very enthusiastic about the film's pacing, oblique mystery, or acting, but the cinematography is very nice. The film didn't work for me because the two main actresses are weak—both very popular goody-two-shoe girls who went against type for the film. They each have a couple moments, but too often you can see them trying to act emotions that are unfamiliar to them.

I can only recommend the film as an introduction to Yukiko Mishima, and to those who don't immediately dismiss Japanese films about high school girls as being about high school girls. Mishima shows a lot of promise here. She needs to figure out how to move complex plots along at a swifter pace, but she's got good visual style. She'll do better when she gets better actors. This is her fourth film and may be a breakthrough. Her next film, Dear Etranger, stars Tadanobu Asano and Rena Tanaka. Good luck!