Pieta in the Toilet ★★★½

Lots of inspirational moments, but they are fleeting, in this story of a (commercially) failed artist diagnosed with terminal cancer who accepts his fate. A little slow and long for most to grab onto. The denouement, while lovely and wonderful, doesn't lift the pathway to it high enough. Mad props to Hana Sugisaki who owns the screen as a precocious and sassy schoolgirl our artist wonders about on his way to death. You'll wish she had more screen time, not only for her performance but because her character might have illuminated things more. I think the director is deliberately frustrating as a way of showing, not telling. Quality-wise, this film pushes a 4.7. You'll know it's better than your time spent with it. Experience-wise it's a 3. Sugisaki kicks it up to 3.5. More of her would increase the experience score.

I could list a dozen scenes and a handful of characters I wanted more of.