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  • Ambulance
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  • Miami Vice
  • 22 Jump Street

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Feels about as exhausting as Seven Samurai, though for completely different reasons with almost half the runtime, and filled with as much monologues and showy acting as one could predict. But the acting is still good and has it's fair share of nuanced moments to compliment all the minutes long shouting rants, the crispy b&w cinematography does offer some some nice atmosphere to it all and they drop some The Lego Movie praise less than 10 minutes in. That's all…

  • Tenet



    Tenet is in a way for Nolan everything that Miami Vice was for one of his biggest influences, Michael Mann. Made nearly 15 years apart, they are both their brilliant directors taking that insane money they are given and making something that is themselves to the 11, and unfortunately both came out to muted to even hostile reception (yes, of course both had their fans from the start or those who merely thought it was fine). In an era of…