A Fistful of Dollars

A Fistful of Dollars ★★★

Having watched Yojimbo for the first time a couple days ago, it's impossible to not compare the two, after all one is a remake of the other. However I didn't really expect it to be as direct of a remake as it is, as the actual changes beyond the setting are very minimal.

Now I didn't love Yojimbo, but I did really like Kurosawa's direction and Mifune's perfomance. Leone's direction and Eastwood as the leas are both fine, but clearly both, especially Leone, still develping and not quite there yet. And to add to that in my eyes it's lesser than Yojimbo in in pretty much every other aspect too, with the exception being Morricone's fantastic score.

The final 10 minutes are also great, and feel like enough of a distinction from the original work to just work as a remake, instead of feeling too direct in remaking like the rest of the movie.

Still, putting aside all that, on a pure enjoyment level I enjoyed both movies about equally despite appreciating the others craft much more.

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