Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

I really liked the first Terminator.
I emotionally connected to this one so much more.

I cried as much as John Connor honestly!!
I had my sad punk part of my life too. John is coping. He's a cool little kid.
He deserves respect, he's really a good boy, let him live, let him have emotions, shut up.
He has so much weight on his shoulders between having this jesus figure complex projected onto him, being the saviour of the future in a great robot war, and his mom training him his entire childhood for it - of course he's strong minded with attitude. He is so far away from these expectations people have for him and that's why this performance is so fitting.

John doesn't want people to die. The Terminator learns he doesn't have to kill. He helps him learn humanity. He learns why humans cry.

Classic Arnie!!! He acts better in this than I think a lot of people give him credit for, looking back. He makes so much of the damage/action very easy to buy because he's huge and strong, so of course. But he also pulls off a robot learning to act human - or act a little John Connor - very well; he gets that attitude.
Maybe we've been too saturated with this as a trope since then and that's hard to get past sometimes, I get it.

Sarah Connor is a complete badass. She is so determined to survive and protect her son that she nearly blindly executes a man in front of his family, after she's already done a lot of harm in the film. The hero of the movie! Linda Hamilton gets this across so well, she's better than ever, kicking ass, looking great. She's so ripped, I love her. What a co-lead, and even villain for a little bit.

Dyson's character too is so cool. He could've resisted helping them after they explained but he was so down to destroy his years of work! To help the world! He's the best. Joe Morton made me feel every bullet, and there were a lot. Oof.

The chase after the Cyberdyne stuff is so great. I loved it. So fun. Really well shot.

The T-1000 is so scary as an unstoppable force that just keeps silently following and morphing around any adversity. Their fights are so cool.

I feel like I Cameron's entire career is buckwild honestly but this is one of my favorites of his. If I'm being really honest I only love a few entries in his filmography and this is one for sure.

aaaaaa idk i had fun this movie rules !!