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  • Rinco's Restaurant

    Rinco's Restaurant


    A beautiful film that focuses on Ringo (according to my subtitled DVD haha) and her dysfunctional relationship with her floosy mother. Having left home as a teen she stayed with her grandmother and learnt to cook. When her life turns upside down she loses her voice and returns back home 10 years after leaving determined to open a restaurant. The cooking scenes are lovely, as is the cast whom act their socks off. There is also a wonderful dream element…

  • Erebus: Operation Overdue

    Erebus: Operation Overdue


    An excellent docudrama that weaves in interviews, real footage and reenactment to tell the tale of 11 police officers sent to Mt Erebus to recover the bodies of those killed in the 1979 plane crash. These regular cops had no training for ice, hadn't been dealing with anything of this scale and were then placed into awkward situations because Air New Zealand were seemingly covering their own arses with a cover-up. Whilst I'd have liked a little more runtime than the 70 minutes given to give more focus to that cover-up, its still a poignant and impactful emotional retelling.

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  • Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers

    Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers


    I hope I'm not the only one that loves this film! Our leading lady leads the most boring life and is so "normal" she blends into the background for everyone. So one day she get's enlisted as a sleeper spy and has to spend her days being as normal as possible which proves much harder than before now she starts to think about it. Great cast of quirky characters, your typically very stilted comedy actions with lots of "WHAAATS?!?!" being overacted and lots of a random detours.
    Drinking Game: Pinky The Panda!!! or "Tee-Hee-Hee"
    Bottom Line: Japan's finest in quirky irrelevant comedies.

  • Animalympics



    As amazing on its 50th watch as it is as an adult as it was the first time was as a child. Amazingly finger pointing and send up of sports commentary, tv personalities and nationalities. It's like the writers of Cloudy with a chance of Meatball's puns warped back to the 70's for stupid fun backed with 10CC.
    Drinking Game: Each stupid name the athletes have - such as "The Asian Whale swimming champ 'OhNoh NohNoh'
    Bottom Line: An all time favourite. Satirical joy for all the family.