The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

if Salvador Dali went on a crack bender and ate a pound of magic mushrooms that is the film he'd make

The Holy Mountain is an absurdist surrealism fever dream full of vibrant visuals, amazing camera angles, confronting imagery and is full of hidden symbolic meanings, every single frame of this movie is a painting begging you to decode its meaning if you're brave enough to try.

What starts as a clusterfuck of religious symbolism and absurdist shock value without any real narrative threads it quickly picks up in the middle becoming a very interesting social commentary on the pitfalls of human existence. Nothing is considered sacred to The Holy Mountain as it comments on every aspect of humanity from sex, love, drugs, human primal instinct, consumerism, capitalism, self-perspective, anxiety, manufactured religion, enlightenment, consciousness, western society and everything in between.

Every single frame of this movie is crazy and I love it. In one night I watched a bunch of frogs dressed as medieval English people explode as a disabled midget laughs manically, a sex slave make love to a computer which orgasms in spectacular fashion both visually and audibly, a booty art production line, Jesus being manufactured into a capitalist icon, someone cut off their fingers and a new-age Spartan like cult which involves cutting off ya testicles.

This movie won't be for everyone but if you like getting your eyes and brain fucked by crazy surreal visuals this is the movie for you, I'd recommend watching it intoxicated on any substance of the rainbow for the full "what the fuck is happening" experience.
Honestly watching this drunk smoking big doinks made me think I found God at the end of the film which centres about enlightenment.


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