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  • Making Fun: The Story of Funko

    Making Fun: The Story of Funko


    I feel like people are conflating liking the product with liking this film. The product is great. This film is kind of a mess. The first 20 minutes of history was promising, and then it devolved into completely disconnected strings of thoughts and nostalgia and pretty lackluster testimonials. The editing is atrocious. In the end, the whole affair was kind of cringe-worthy.

  • Hello I Must Be Going

    Hello I Must Be Going


    This would have been a 4+ star film if it wasn't for the soundtrack. That music was quite possibly the worst choice for every single scene it appeared in, dragging down the entire film. I wish I had money so I could pay someone to re-score this film.

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  • 77 Minutes

    77 Minutes


    If you can get past how slimy and terrible the director is, it's worth watching.

  • Grease Live

    Grease Live

    That's not how you play Zuko.