Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Wrath of Man is some of Guy Ritchie's very best work. a Heat/Ocean's 11 style heist flick crossed with a man with no name type revenge flick. it's a mean fucking piece of work filled with brutal tactical violence and populated by bad people and even worse people. and it's mostly free of the usual lighthearted kind of feeling Ritchie's work is. it's a film so incredibly serious that crosses the line from being too self serious into something incredibly malevolent and nasty and i frankly had a fucking blast watching it. the action is superb and the whole film has a really involving twisty kind of structure to it. and Staham has rarely been better than he is here, his character is so interesting, like a puzzle that the film slowly pieces together and reveals more of and you are constantly kept guessing as to who he is and what he is up to, and as a performance he only gives you exactly what you need and nothing else. and the terrific cross cutting keeps the whole thing flowing beautifully. the action here is crisp, very tactical and cleanly shot and edited. the score is also absolutely terrific, adding to the malevolent mood of the whole thing even more. if there are flaws here, it's mostly in some dialogue that isn't up to snuff and the non-Statham scenes being slightly less interesting than the rest. this is also a film where Statham tells Post Malone to eat his own dick and Josh Hartnett is called Boy Sweat Dave, so that's the kind of thing you're getting into. i've seen it be pretty divisive leaving some completely cold and thinking it's not very good at all. but i dear reader fucking loved pretty much every second of this absolutely meatheaded piece of pulp cinema. now let Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham make a dozen more films like this and i'll be very happy. highly reccomended for all action/crime junkies.

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