Dune ★★★★★

“This is only the beginning.”

After seeing this for a third time in IMAX again I feel that I’m ready to share my exact feelings on this movie. I had to let it sit for a couple days after I saw it this third time so that it wasn’t just hype building up in me and spewing out. After careful thought I really do feel that this is in my top ten movies that I have personally seen. Denis is also probably my favorite director that is working today, so let’s get into this.

The score is absolutely phenomenal and really tied the whole experience together. It grabs ahold of you and unabashedly communicates the emotions of the scene. I love the various themes that are played based off of the different houses and how they are all distinctly different. I also just love the sound design of this movie. Everything sounds how you would imagine it and does not lean into the territory where everything is so loud that you can’t hear the dialogue. 

The performances and writing are all also absolutely stellar. I had a stake in each character and understood where they were coming from. That is the bare minimum and somehow each actor went above and beyond to give more depth to their characters. Chalamet was perfectly casted as well as Ferguson and Issac. 

The directing really is the star of the show here though. Denis directs this with such tact and care that you can see he is a master of attention to detail. He doesn’t treat the audience members as idiots and actually has them take an active role in experiencing his work. This is just my type of movie. Every time that I have watched it, I have gotten something more or different from it. This is for me, what people probably experienced when they saw the original Star Wars in theaters for the first time. I loved it. Go and see this movie everybody.

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