The American Friend ★★★★★

Amazing, tense and atmospheric thriller.

The plot is a little Byzantine at times, and requires your full attention, but the film does a really good job of explaining what is happening without loads of dull exposition.

The colourful cinematography is brilliant - a lot of the shots of both morning and sunset are amazing - and the shabby and run down feel to Hamburg is perfect for the story.

Bruno Ganz and Dennis Hopper are both excellent, but it is arguably Ganz who steals the show as a man reluctantly dragged into a dangerous world.

The tension is done very well in a couple of scenes, particularly on the train, and I liked the way the violence appeared to be rather clumsy and unprofessional, as it should be.

The score is really good and helps to create the downbeat, strange and slightly unknowable mood of the film.

Absolutely brilliant; highly recommended.

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