Tenet ★★½

I feel kinda bad even rating this because I saw it at a drive-in late last night and dozed off for about 10 minutes towards the end, not to mention my ongoing frustration towards everything surrounding the release of this movie, but I could also tell from the time when I was conscious that I'm just not smart enough to really care. I get it Chris, time is neat. The visualizations throughout are genuinely unlike anything I've ever seen, and I have no doubt that I'd be even more taken by them in a proper theatrical setting. The apocalyptic portent of the plot isn't even ineffective; I just have no emotional stake in this whatsoever, and it's becoming clearer with every successive project how much Nolan struggles with that. The Nolan movies that I love the most (pretty much everything except Inception) often work as well as they do because of the emotional hooks the actors are able to sink into me, and that kind of pathos clearly has no place in Tenet, to the point where the meager attempts are more noticeable and frustrating than ever. I'm not gonna pretend like I was able to follow along with it even before passing out - I have trouble doing that with even the most straightforward movies. Thanks, ADD. It's a shame that this movie might carry this circumstantial baggage forever, but maybe it's just not for me. John David Washington (a brilliant actor, naturally) is literally just called "The Protagonist," and that just about says it all. I might give it another shot years from now.

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