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  • Cuties



    I’m not gonna pretend Netflix’s moronic marketing is not at least partially to blame for the “controversy” surrounding this beautiful and thought-provoking film, but if this year has not made one thing painfully clear, it’s that people be DUMB.

    Stop trying to censor art, especially if your concerns are based on some false preconceived notion.

  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland

    1st film of Sundance and I almost feel too sick, too betrayed, to see anything else.

    Look, I get it. MJ was undoubtedly a legend. His music was frequent in my home growing up and my family was in a state of grief when he died in 2009. The black community lost an icon, and 10 years later, the truth about him will be a hard pill to swallow indeed.

    But believe me when I say that this is as damning of an account as we'll likely ever get. I believe the victims and so should you.