Grave Robbers

Grave Robbers ★★★

Film #4 of Hooptober X

In this town, even flies don't get killed.

A bunch of dumb teenagers tumbles around in a cemetery late at night, driven by the lure of hidden gold and shit. However, they unintentionally open the one crypt they should not have opened, unwittingly releasing the spirit of a priest with a penchant for satanic spells.

Soon after, a formidable and Jason Voorhees-like figure with a massive battle-axe emerges, with intentions to impregnate a young woman and give birth to the antichrist. At the same time, the local Uzi-wielding sheriff becomes entangled in the chaos, embodying the epitome of fascination with guns and law enforcement, to save his daughter. Yeah... you know, everyday 80s stuff that back in the day.

This slasher embraces its splatter-fueled gore and unleashes brutal, creatively executed killings. The Mexican horror genre influence is evident, cranked up to volume 11 with cheap but quite effective special effects and a synth-heavy soundtrack just to set the tone. It is a blast of fun, showcasing incredible effects that Galindo Jr. and a team of sculptors and artists mastered in a weekend. It exemplifies the inventive and do-it-yourself spirit of 1980s horror.

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