I See You ★★★★

Who the fuck is Adam Randall, where did you come from? I had no expectations but gave it a change since Tony the Terror was very fond of it. I concur it's one of the better newer psychological thrillers. Hell! One of the finest for years, that actually works, so even with an unknown crew behind the camera, that's is fantastic. It has a lot of tension with a smart way to turn the narrative emphasis around constantly with plot twists.

The technical side is just astounding, it's very well directed and I've my eyes on you, Adam Randall, looking forward to seeing your next project! The truly big winner here is also the score and sound design that really helps on the eerie atmosphere and is harmonized with the picture which is driven by elegant creativity and often clinically meticulous cinematography.

I'll not be giving the plot away, because you should see this blind from trailers and even more details reviews if you just have the slightest interest in the genre, you should see it in the best way you can to embrace the technical side to its full potential.

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