Kingdom of the Spiders

Kingdom of the Spiders ★★★

Film #8 of Hooptober X

You want me to believe a 200 pound calf was killed by a spider?

Transported straight back to the 70's creature features with simple and direct narrative. From the get-go, the threat is clear: deadly spiders capable of taking down dogs, cats, and even calves. William Shatner, with his magnetic charisma and undeniable love for the ladies, seamlessly shows not only his mastery over horses but also his dashing equestrian prowess. So it's easy for him to form a charismatic pair with Tiffany Bolling exuding fearless coolness as they effortlessly navigate the spider-infested landscape.

The invasion of countless tarantulas, both real and artificial, delivers mindless animal horror enjoyment with a well-known formula, as the spiders crawl from every corner on the ground, on the ceiling, and in your hair! The technical side wasn't too bad with quite nice camera shots from the point of view of the spiders and a few memorable special effects. And not to spoil, but the ending leads to a rare yet awesome ending that will linger in your memory together few other films.

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