Legion ★★★★

Long waiting I finally received Scream Factory's The Exorcist III. It actually occurred to me that I had never seen the theatrical cut before, but I was (unfortunately) aware with the hospital scene long ago. I choose to start with William Peter Blatty’s new director's cut of The Exorcist III, titled as Legion (the title Blatty always wanted to go with, but the Studio wanted the word Exorcist in there and some exorcist related scenes in the film) and watched theatrical cut right after.

I loved Legion, specially with Brad Dourif's extraordinarily performance, the opposite horror score and sound design, very creppy. And the ending was perfect! Legion was effective with creepy atmosphere that has much better build IMO than the theatrical cut from start to finish, despite varying quality and changing aspect ratio in the director's cut as the favorite cut.

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