Summoning Sylvia

Summoning Sylvia ★★★★

Film #7 of Hooptober X

A virgin cocktail for our guest of honor.

A group of gay guys decides to throw a weekend bachelor party at a haunted house, completed with a seance to summon a sinister spirit. Adding a twist to the mix, to please his husband-to-be, the bachelor invites the brother, a straight guy, to attend their party. The outcome? You encounter a great deal of chaos.

The characters are very stereotypical, but the genuine camaraderie and chemistry among the cast make up for it. Despite the haunted house setting, don't expect spine-chilling gory horror; it leans more towards comedy than horror. However, what it lacks in horror, it makes up for with a brisk pace, creative shots, and sharp editing, ensuring a thoroughly entertaining and funny experience with few horror elements.

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