Swallowed ★★★★

Film #6 of Hooptober X

All this bullshit and a real life sex show too.

Two friends spend their last night together before one of them goes to L.A. to pursue a career as an "actor", but not before his friend wants to surprise him to help him financially, which turns out to have a catch.

Swallowed is a rollercoaster of emotions, seamlessly mixed with hope, brutality, tenderness, suspense, and truth, and somehow manages to be all of these things at one point or another. The poster hints at potential body horror but surprises you in a different way. It was great to see Mark Patton again, and he did it exceptionally well, adding a layer of brilliance to the film that's filled with unexpected twists, that keep you on the edge throughout, leaving you hungry for what comes next.

A remarkable film by the same director, Carter Smith, known for The Ruins, which I also found to be great.

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