The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ★★½

Christmas in the fall #14

I didn't love this. I feel like had I seen it in person, I maybe would have had a better time. I am not a ballet fan in a specific sense, but there is something very special about seeing a stage production like this in person. I still don't know if it would have been my favorite though, there just isn't a lot for me personally to latch onto. This also has a feeling for me of dance over a CD playing nutcracker music. I do not know if the soundtrack was recorded separately from the performance, but it really felt like it was, and it didn't help it feel like a fully realized thing for me.

Also, Macaulay Culkin really took a crown off of a dead rat and thought, I should put this on this girls head. Right now. No one is bothered by this.