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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The second watch isn't as good as the first but still a great time. I have a few questions still that will require another view to see if they are plotholes or I'm just missing. Though it is probably a problem in itself that I still don't understand parts after two watches. Like "Formosa." Did it actually mean "For Moses" because the trail it led to was a dead end that gave Lionel a new lead by luck.

I appreciated Edward Norton more this time and could see the method to his twitches. Cast still is great though the archetypes they play are a bit more distracting this time around. That soundtrack is still amazing and still engaging. I do wish there was more resolution with Moses by showing the vote that is built up so much. I get that the movie is more about finding out why Frank, but after being involved for so long with the story even just a glimpse of the vote in the final montage would have been best.

My view on this movie isn't as great as when I first watched it. But this is still one of my favorites of 2019 so far.