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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is even better on a second watch! It's now tied for my favorite movie of the year. I picked up on more themes and symbols this time around such as having a plan, how all the families are families of four, and of course "This is so metaphorical." (adding that one to the list of memeable quotes)

I feel like there is some symbolism going on with the black and white clothing that the characters where. Possibly something to do with innocence? I'll try to figure out on the third watch. I also noticed a book with a picture of Alfred Hitchcock on the spine during a close up on a bookshelf. What's up with that?

The only thing I feel weird about is the score in a couple of moments. However, it is more that it caught me off guard rather than being unfitting. In most circumstances it served the movie well and enhanced scenes like it should.

I loved seeing it with an audience this time. There was plenty of laughter and the best moment was hearing the audience going from laughter to shock when the old housekeeper is kicked down the stairs.

I am definitely buying this is on Blu-ray. Fingers crossed it makes it to Criterion.