Rafiki ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Yet another installment in the "I don't know when or why this ended up on my watchlist" series. Apparently I'm a sucker for movies banned in their home country. Kudos to the director for forcing the government to run it in theaters long enough to qualify for the Oscars (though it would have been disqualified for too much English had Kenya chosen to submit it).

I do enjoy coming-of-age gay romance stories. This one is pretty standard, what makes it stand out more is the characters and the cultural differences (from an American perspective). I like the fact that Kena and Ziki's fathers are political rivals. There isn't anything that particularly impressed me about this movie but I enjoyed it the whole time. The ending happened at the perfect moment to and it left me satisfied. Give this one a watch if the plot description interests you.