The King ★★★½

I'm a sucker for a good Henry V movie. Though I doubt this will be remembered as well as Henry V or Chimes at Midnight. Timothee Chalamet was great casting to convey Henry's youth as long and Joel Edgerton plays a unique Falstaff that doesn't make you wish Orson Welles was playing him instead. The court intrigue towards the middle was probably the most boring part of this movie. But for being over two hours the pacing was well executed.

Though the best part of any Henry V movie is the Battle of Agnicourt. Featuring camera shots that totally aren't trying to make you think of Game of Thrones I swear. The battle, like the movie itself, manages to feel fresh despite re-creating something already done better before. I do appreciate this movie being inspired by the Shakespeare play without keeping the old times dialogue. A good watch especially for history fans.