Treasure Planet ★½

I don't hate this movie as much as I used to (I went through a phase where I hated absolutely everything about this movie). I can see the passion of the directors' now but that doesn't excuse how mishandled the delivery is.

This movie is very much of its time with an edgy Jim Hawkins. The CG and traditional animation blend together a little better than Titan A.E. but not by much. Plus, the worldbuilding kind of sucks. There are so many sci-fi names, as well as background aliens, that it makes the universe feel very connected. But it comes off as a single layer of colorful paint on a white wall. At a quick glance it looks complete, but if you look longer the holes start to show when you think, "How come there is never more than two species of alien? How come the journey is so empty that they aren't stopping at any ports along the way? If the planet Jim lives on is so barren, why is the mother's inn so full at the beginning of the movie?"

Long John Silver is absolutely the best part of this movie. Both the animation and the character. However, this alone is not enough to save the movie. I really only put this movie on when I get high so I can laugh at it.