The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

The Arthurian myths and legends hold endless fascination for filmmakers, but very few adaptations have been really successful. The only one I ever really go back to is John Boorman’s Excalibur, which succeeds thanks to its Shakespearean excess. I had high hopes for this as I loved writer-director David Lowery’s previous movie, A Ghost Story and am pleased to report I wasn’t disappointed, this is a mysterious, fantastical tale which is beautifully shot and edited with fine performances from the cast, with Dev Patel turning in another fine performance, this time as the conflicted Gawain, testing his chivalry and honour against a variety of fears and temptations.

The adaptation strays from the anonymous original poem a fair bit but Lowerey creates a compelling magical world, adding perfect pacing and a great score to create an excellent cinematic experience. 

Some people are not going to get this – there aren’t any action set pieces or big comedy moments – there’s not even that much dialogue.

However, if you’re prepared to give a thoughtful, magical fantasy a chance, you might well enjoy this. I certainly did.

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