Eros + Massacre ★★★★★

Long films tend to feel better I think because they get to breathe more. This is one of those things that seem to be true like a longer board game or a longer novel or a longer piece of music. This film is very singular (even though I could compare it to some stuff it would mainly be stuff that came after it) and intense: the unrelenting amount of artistry it fattens hungry cinephiles with is enough to build new(found) foundations of love. Did I say it's singular? What is there to compare it to? Funeral Parade of Roses? I love it but that's cute (haha, get it?) compared to this. Another thing to conclude from this masterwork is: why aren't directors more influenced by those titanic feats of cinema like The Color of Pomegranates, Zigeunerweisen, Markéta Lazarová? (I don't know claim to know everything) I have two ideas: One: These films aren't popular/palatable enough. Two: Other directors who might see these films may not believe they are capable of the same level of artistry. Both of these are wrong. Like yeah, sure I bet it's extremely difficult to make a film half as good as those but I don't see people trying. Whenever I see a news story of any country, China for example, buy a lot of a non-mainstream, creative foreign creation like Finnegans Wake or Capernaum I feel its because people want what's real. This is true even when things don't make a lot of money. This is true when not everyone likes what is real. People shouldn't be deceptive either, just to get butts in seats. I think that a film like this can be appreciated by the public if people just talk about it or if people become educated to think while enjoying their entertainment. Though that probably can only happen if they're entertained. Maybe screening this film in a theater isn't the greatest way to do this but I think in the Western World people are willing to give Japan the benefit of having a rich enough culture to justify insane art like this. If it takes that to enrich my country's culture (The U.S.A) then screen a bunch of Japanese and Korean films.