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  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fucking hell. I literally cry every time. The sheer range of emotions that this film makes me feel is astounding. It’s accessing all my nostalgia and using everything I loved about anime as a kid while also just tapping into all this joy and fun. Your Name. never lets up and is Exhibit A of why you’ll never convince me that 3D animation is better than 2D. I mean did you SEE those backgrounds? Japanese animation always knows how to…

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post


    I really liked this. A lot more than I thought I would at least. I watched Desiree Akhavan’s previous film Appropriate Behavior earlier this year since this film was high on my to-watch list for 2018. She definitely punched up from her debut, but there’s still room to grow, so y’all better go out and see this if it’s near you so I can keep watching her grow. 

    As a guy who grew up going to church camp, I can…

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  • Welcome to Marwen

    Welcome to Marwen

    Anomalisa History X

  • Hereditary



    Here we go, baby!

    All you slags who were spouting about how A Quiet Place is a masterpiece because it had a “new” and “creative” idea better get your damn apologies ready. This film makes A Quiet Place look like a Roger Corman movie. Hereditary is nothing short of a godsend. A New Testament of horror sent down by the angels at A24, Toni the Baptist as their mouthpiece. 

    Finally a modern horror film that properly utilizes silence. The dead,…