• Booksmart



    IDEAL viewing conditions for this: saw it with my sister in an otherwise empty theatre. The first teen film I've seen for ages that wasn't trying to be a throwback to similar films from the 80s or 90s or noughties. It felt completely of the moment, and not even in ways I always liked or understood, bit it was very assured and refreshing. We both had a cracking time and a bit of a cry.

  • Animals



    Not very cohesive and it should have ended about ten minutes sooner, but this was a fun and immersive watch nonetheless, mostly because the two lead performances are superb.

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light


    Was expecting to enjoy this but I was pretty dissapointed. Was heartfelt and the scenes showing the tensions in the main characters family were good, but the rest was way too cheesy and I cringed a lot. I also flat out refuse to believe that any school in 1980s Luton had a school radio station.

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    This film is massively improved by the knowledge that every single obnoxious character would have bought tickets for fyre festival.

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie


    Last time I saw this I think I was about the same age as the teenage characters, It was still brilliant and disturbing but aspects of the film felt very different on the re-watch, which was interesting. Maggie Smith and Pamela Franklin are both terrific, and the final confrontation between them is as satisfying as it is ultimately tragic.

  • Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories


    Watched this home alone at night because I'm a Fuckwit.

  • The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Identity


    Merry Christmas kids!

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


    Some of the dialogue feels really stilted (the characters were constantly narrating their own actions) but it barely matters because the art is so gorgeous and the world building and story are so brilliant. Pretty sure this is the only film that's ever made me sad about an insect death.

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    Should really be called 'Children of Women' but like, whatever

  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World



  • The Firm

    The Firm


    Insufficient Holly Hunter.

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    Saw this with my Mum :'). Fewer jokes but also more plot than expected. We both agree that Michelle Yeoh is great.