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  • I Am Not a Serial Killer

    I Am Not a Serial Killer


    I Am Not a Serial Killer isn't an especially original film-- it shares its "maladjusted teenager contemplates murder" focus with a multitude of other movies-- Thoroughbreds, Stoker, et cetera. The film's sort-of twist (which is visible almost from the beginning if you pay attention) leads to some interesting visuals but certainly doesn't qualify the movie as especially innovative.

    This sounds like I didn't like IANASK, but I did. Underneath all of the murder trappings, it's a genuine, empathetic film about…

  • Tag


    My main criticism of the movie Tag is simply "I don't get it". Three financially stable adult men pissing away an entire month of the year to play an elaborate game of "no girls allowed" tag is not funny to me, even in a sad way.

    The movie revolves around these adult men, Hoagie, Chilli, Bob, and Kevin, attempting to defeat Jerry, who is a master of the game and has never been tagged. In a pivotal moment of the…

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  • Patch Adams

    Patch Adams

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    We watched Patch Adams during my first stay in a mental ward, and one does not speak ill of Robin Williams when in a mental ward. Now that I’m back on the outside, I can finally say that he should’ve known better than to star in this movie. It’s chokingly whimsical and syrupy, casting Patch Adams as an irresistably lovable medical student who sees every patient as an individual and says hello to strangers. He runs afoul of another student…

  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

    Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


    This movie never fucking stops, for better or for worse. Everyone shouts and talks quickly, all the while racing around and getting into drug-and-alcohol-fueled shenanigans. Two brothers (Zac Efron and Adam DeVine) have a rightly-earned reputation for ruining every family party with the aforementioned shenanigans, so their parents insist that the pair bring dates to calm them down. This shows a lack of insight on the part of the parents, who should understand that young hellraisers attract enablers at least…