Culture Shock ★★★

I dunno. Even though there's two episodes left, I think we can write Into the Dark off as a failed experiment. The fact is, the budget and Blumhouse formula just doesn't work with the films these directors want to make, to say nothing of the shoehorned in commercials arbitrarily added to conform to Hulu's format. Culture Shock succeeds in its dark humor, even if it comes across as low hanging fruit most of the time, and its use of Spanish exclusively in its first half is interesting, but unfortunately it never really develops into the identity that it wants to.

Maybe its the idea of centering around holidays that fails Into the Dark, but this one, despite its efforts, feels shallow with a lack of focus on Latinx or American culture, and an unnecessary commentary on modern technology. The lack of gore (besides something I did not want to see. Seriously, Into the Dark, how many times...) is also something of a detraction, but at the same time, feels fresh after the past few episodes have been a bit too graphic.

All in all, maybe Culture Shock doesn't work not for lack of trying, but simply because in this case, the real world is just too invasive to ignore.