Bloodshot ★★★½

Even without the comic book origins, Bloodshot isn’t exactly the most original of stories, with the plot containing elements of everything from Robocop to Universal Soldier to even The Matrix. In addition, the marketing for Bloodshot gives away the big second act reveal that Ray Garrison is being manipulated and you are left waiting throughout the first half of the film for Guy Pearce’s character Dr. Emil Harting to be unveiled as the true villain of the story, even though seeds are planted through the immense antagonistic relationship between Ray and fellow augmented soldier Jimmy Dalton, who becomes a real scenery-chewing villain as the film progresses.

It is obvious that Bloodshot was meant as a launching point for Vin Diesel’s own superhero franchise. However, outside of the forever-running Fast and Furious series and possibly the Riddick films, Vin Diesel alone has never been able to launch a franchise and Bloodshot seems like it is destined to be a one and done film. However, the film still makes for a solid way to waste an afternoon.