Silent Land

Silent Land ★★★★

Silent Land is the debut feature film from co-writer and director Agnieszka Woszczynska, which portrays the slow disintegration in the relationship between a vacationing Polish couple. All Adam and Anna want to do on their vacation is to relax by the pool during the day and have passionate sex at night. However, this all goes awry when the pool repairman dies in a horrible accident and the question arises whether the couple could have saved him. Anna's response is to befriend and take diving lessons from French couple Arnaud (Jean-Marc Barr) and Claire (Alma Jodorowsky), as Adam begins to experience guilt-ridden dreams and panic attacks.

Silent Land is a film that ends up being a very compelling character study about how this one horrible accident throws a wrench into this couple's vacation plans. I can almost argue the themes of Silent Land end up feeling similar to a film like Force Majeure, particularly in how Adam's relationship with Anna is greatly affected in the aftermath of the accident. There is also a level of dark humour in Silent Land, as the locals seem more concerned with keeping the tourism economy flowing, rather than truly investigate whether Adam and Adam are at fault for the accident.