Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

"With great power comes responsibility"

For ages, this motto has been forever ingrained in the Spider-Man comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Apart of the hero's DNA. Repeated verbatim for many years. Far From Home puts this immortal adage into perspective with the MCU's take on Peter Parker. A younger more inexperienced yet gifted Spider-Man (in similar ilk to Spectacular Spider-Man or Bryan Michael-Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man comics.) which has it's friendly neighborhood hero facing said iconic proverb as well as a big threat and challenge post-Avengers Endgame. One that challenges his youth and inexperience and angst to make his journey in this entry. And it's handed really well.
We get a more angsty Spider-Man this time around. One closer to his comic-book routes. Who's feeling the pressures of potential world wide threats. With so much against him. From being a friendly neighborhood hero to know now one the world looks to for hope after the battle in Avengers Endgame. A young kid like him being pressured with this couldn't be easy. He's also joined by a lot of his friends and allies (all from previous MCU entries. Along with newcomers) in a European vacation turned Avengers style mission (Thanks, Nick Fury). And it's played to its most comic book style extent rather well. Complete with the trappings of comic book lexicon and trappings that make the whole affair entertaining and intriguing. It's another MCU entry that befits the comicbook come to life style I love,

Tom Holland is fantastic as a young Peter Parker. Now faced with angst and teenage frustration at having to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man going worldwide threat defending Spider-Man. You feel the pressure he's under thanks to Tom's performance. He's not the quippy jokey kid we saw in the others and it's so good to see him change along with his performance. And he makes the character arc driven journey for work rather well. Jake Gyllenhaal, as to be expected, is at as top form as the entertaining and charismatic Mysterio AKA Quentin Beck. With a slightly different take from the Mysterio I remember from the comics, he's still intriguing and works very well within the world the MCU has set up. He can ham it up when needed and it works so damn well in each scene he's in. Making a formidable and fun foe for Peter. (That isn't a spoiler. It's common knowledge he's an enemy of Spidey from the comics. Shut up) And the other actors, reoccurring members of the MCU and newcomers, are all fantastic and their roles as well.
I also must say that this movie visually looks fantastic. From its effects (Which evoke similar vibes to Doctor Strange) working well with Mysterio's character and the other villains. To its cinematography and editing, i can say safely it's one of the nicest looking MCU movies thus far.
And the score, while not the greatest I've heard in MCU, is rather good.

When it comes to comic book movies I may be feeling a little bit of the fatigue myself, especially after the giant meal that was Endgame that was followed by the desert that was this movie. I'm feeling a but stuffed. But with its post and mid credit sequences, I'm still a bit interested in the soon to come adventures of these in the MCU.... Even if it means skipping an entry here or there for myself.

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