Eternals ★½

Was going to give this a slightly higher rating until I realized how very few positives I have to say about the film. First I did like several characters, them being Barry Keogh, Angelina Jolie and Ma Dong Seok. None of those where the main leads by the way. I also thought a couple action sequences, mainly with Agelina Jolie were pretty cool. That's honestly it. Most of the other characters were forgettable or barely used. Kumail Nanjiani is just there for comical relief and they even had an Indian camerman tag along on this adventure for no logical reason. There's a romance thrown in too that they almost forgot about and shoehorned in there last second before the movie ends.
Some of the humor worked, but 90% of it didn't. The greyish blue color grading was hideous to look at. Story completely disposable with the majority of the action being a hot mess of mindless cgi storms. The third act is laughably bad with how it disposes not one but two villains. Yes, let's spend half the movie rounding up the heroes who haven't seen each other in thousands of years, build up a threat against humanity and then toss that threat aside like it's nothing. Then do a plot twist, which ends up going nowhere, because you just tossed aside yet another villain so easily and now time to wrap up the film and setup the next film that introduces the real villain this time. Well isn't that just wonderful. The film was very sluggish and hard to sit through. I can't believe this was 2.5 hrs long. For what?
I also don't know how many times we had to jump cut back to present day to reintroduce the heros we met in the beginning.
Not sure what Marvel was thinking, but how about we stop experimenting with 200 million dollar films being directed by people who have no experience directing action films, let alone big budget ones. Phase four is off to a rough start. Fingers crossed for the new Spiderman film, that at least will have some nostalgia driving it. As far as this one goes, it may just be the worst film in the MCU. Hard to believe but yes I would rather sit through the Incredible Hulk and Thor: Dark world.

GRADE: 1.75/5

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