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  • The Fierce One

    The Fierce One

    I’m afraid the merits of any film in which animals are killed or injured for art’s sake are going to be overshadowed by that fact, for me. I have the same problem with Renoir, but in that case it helps knowing he went on to feel deep remorse about it.

  • mother!



    I guess I liked this but about half the runtime I drifted into talking myself into willfully overlooking the many irredeemably dumb things about it - most notably, the use of horror tropes in the first half. Obvious, but richly human and complex in the details.

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  • July Tales

    July Tales


    To the Film Twitter cadre vocally throwing a fit over Rohmer's conservatism: here's Woke Rohmer for you. Enjoy!

  • Scary Mother

    Scary Mother


    A bold debut, not least for its willingness to take on such a specific, unusual scenario. Urushadze manages a remarkable kind of controlled hysteria from her actors, and imbues painterly compositions with quiet intensity. A film about the role madness plays in creative genius, Sashishi Deda quickly shows itself to be smarter than the question of whether Manana is crazy; she unambiguously is. It is instead a film about how entirely different modes of madness sustain one another - I…