Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

I knew this would not be legible to me as a work of art when it became apparent that Wilkerson's narration would never deviate from a tone of blistering contempt. He is a self-professed radical who won't hesitate to use deceptive rhetoric so long as it serves his political purposes. Two particularly irritating bits: 1) Wilkerson's assertion that, of Bill Spann and his great-grandfather S.E. Branch, "one is dead, and one is making home movies" (With so little information on Spann's family, how can Wilkerson so assuredly state this?) 2) Wilkerson telling us that "for some reason" he wanted to film trees along his journey, before transitioning to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" on the soundtrack, making that reason quite obvious. There is no need to communicate such sympathetic anger with such condescension. But I hesitate to rate Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? at all, because it gives extensive voice to historically overlooked civil rights activists, and I was fascinated by Branch's strange impact on his family, from two granddaughters who aren't at all surprised by his murder to a third granddaughter, defensive of him, who makes a deeply dispiriting transition from civil rights activism to white nationalism.