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  • Beasts of No Nation

    Beasts of No Nation


    Brutal, harrowing film, at times very difficult to watch, but it’s also a very polished, accomplished production with some great perfs, and very compelling. Not really a political film, per se, not even that much about war – it’s mostly a tragic character study on what appalling mistreatment and abuse and brainwashing (it’s even hard for me to write about) can do to a young child – that loss of innocence and acquisition of something hard and horrible that is…

  • Charley Varrick

    Charley Varrick


    Walter Matthau looked a lot like my Dad, but I actually have a lot more affection for Walter than my Dad (although not a lot more “love”… it’s complicated) . But Walter…I really adore the guy. He even makes me root for Charley Varrick – the head of a little, yet murderous bank robbing gang. He’s not playing loveable or even that likeable here, exactly, not mugging for laughs, simply retreating into this character and letting his natural charisma (even…

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  • Zootopia



    Talking mammals. Stunning 3D animation. Topical social commentary. Clever plotting. Funny jokes. Great title. 10/10.

  • The Gauntlet

    The Gauntlet


    Classic 70s Clint. I think I actually prefer this to all the Dirty Harry pics bar the original. Clint certainly plays a much milder, less homicidal version of good old detective Callahan here - more wounded, gentler, human. He only shoots his gun TWICE. But it's still the legendary Clint, and still the legendary squint.

    I first delighted in this flick as a young teen, watching it some weekend evening in my basement bedroom. And, since then, the most memorable…