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    While I still don't think the, what, four, upcoming sequels are necessary, I do think we gave this movie a lot more crap than it really deserved after we got over the hype of 3D. Sure 3D film is pretty overrated, but that really depends on the movie using it (like why does Toy Story 3 need to be 3D, the animation style is already kind of 3D anyway). This movie did so well because it was fantastical in its…

  • As Above, So Below

    As Above, So Below


    I think this is a smart horror movie, just maybe a bit too smart for its audience. It's very difficult to capture all of the clever jokes when the camera work is so shaky and inconsistent. The idea itself is a good one, along the lines of The Forest (2016), but perhaps a little less offensive, and a little less inclined to help the audience along when they need it. If a few more characters had been developed, their overall…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    We can only hope that Vol. 2 will be as good as this baby was. It was a great break for Marvel, finally something different after several years of their usual superhero movies. This was also one of those movies no one quite knew what to make of, since the Guardians of the Galaxy were not as well known to the general audience as the Avengers were, and there were talking raccoons and trees and what was that supposed to…

  • Armageddon



    I'm almost not even disappointed, I'm extraordinarily amused, even if I can't understand who in their right mind would green light this. It's definitely a Michael Bay movie, through and through, but almost like Michael Bay was trying to prove to Disney that they could make a 'Remember the Titans' kind of thing about the end of the world. Oh, and with a little romance thrown in, because everyone loved that in Titanic right? HAHAHAHAHA *bleh*