Time ★★★½

(7/8 is "Very Good")
This film has the feel of a low budget science fiction film - it takes a concept, and it explores how it interacts with the human condition. This has all the excellent social commentary too.

The characters are written a bit cartoonish - they reveal themselves as instruments of the film's message at times - however they are performed (and probably directed) very well. The result is both realistic and surreal; surely insane.

This film is weird. Not in the sense of there being vampire cats or anything like that, but that the film twists its characters against each other beyond the point where most films would stop. We go well past the point of insanity - perhaps past the point where the characters are still human. Yet its not a horror film... its a drama.

Despite the heavy themes of jealousy and superficiality - I have to say that I never saw the supposed central theme of time really come through, other than deliberate exposition. It got lost. This is a film which takes risks and makes big gestures - which begin to work against realism towards the end - but the final product is certainly unique, bold and interesting.