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This review may contain spoilers.

At first when Luke threw his lightsaber off the cliff I thought to myself 'Oh no....' This cannot be the tone the whole film. I was a little disappointed with how Luke was portrayed. He did not seem like the same Jedi who we last saw on the forest moon of Endor. Carrie Fisher should have been one the who sacrificed herself to save what was left of the Resistance, It would have been a solid way ended her arch and so we could have more Laura Dern! Poe continues to deliver and be more personal favorite character. The character driven drama between Rey and Ben really works and creates an interesting dynamic between these two powerful force wielding characters. Johnson fleshes out a gray area between light and dark that has not really been done effectively in a Star Wars film I am not sure Phasma needed to show up again just to be defeated. The cameos are always a fun Easter egg as well. PORGS CAN DO NO WRONG.