I Am Legend ★★★

You have to realize what this movie is trying to accomplish. Or better yet, you have to decide what this movie is trying to accomplish. Whatever you decide, that will determine how you feel about Will Smith rockin' New York all by his lonesome.

The first hour is tanfastic. While not necessarily original, it allows for build up and development that you assume is going to lead somewhere. The routine, the rules, the companionship, the eeriness, the lack of control despite daily attempts to garner control. All of these aspects set up something worth remembering.

And the last 40 minutes certainly makes it worth remembering, but not in the way I'm sure they hoped. Such a disappointing end. No actual resolution in the forced conclusion, with everything that was previously built up no longer seeming relevant. What I assume they were going for was never established, and to have the jarring contrast resonate required more settling in of ideologies. They crammed it in there, like an incongruent puzzle piece.

Now, that's looking at this movie as a separate entity. If you try to connect this with the novel, or even the previous related films, you'll run into other problems. And after discussing the novel's synopsis, there is something strong and lingering there that was utterly untapped. I wanna see that something eventually.

All in all, Mr. William does too good of a job not to be recognized. I mean, that's the most emotional I've seen anyone about a mannequin.