Inception ★★★★

To date, still one of the most original ideas that simultaneously feels so relatable. The little details such as the kick, dreaming within a dream, not knowing how a dream started (and still others) make you sit there and go yeahhhh I get that! And that’s a cool feeling. 

Place this movie in the bin labeled “Gets Better With Age,” because the more you watch it, the more you pick up on. You can feel the passion Nolan put into this, sometimes too much for the movie’s own good. Like it takes awhile for you to finally see everything he hid in there. Doesn’t make it any less enjoyable when you’re oblivious, but it does make it more enjoyable once you figure it out. Just gotta work for it. 

Some elements feel too tidy for a subconscious world that can crumble to chaos in an instant due to one mere recognition, but hey, it’s a movie. 

I will never not love Inception.