Interstellar ★★★½

Ambitious. If you could sum up this movie in one word, and everyone got to vote, my vote would go to that word. 

I found myself more lost than found in all the scientific explanation and necessary jargon that propelled the plot forward. And I think even then, a lot of their conclusions went unexplained to the layman audience. You’re left with that’s just how it is, sorry

Some of the themes were underdeveloped and slapped in to give this movie more depth than it probably deserved. Not to say it doesn’t deserve depth, but the way they presented it doesn’t deal with any of them sufficiently. Is it love? Is it survival? Is it perseverance? Is it time? Who knows? Maybe it’s all of them, but if that was their goal, then it was pretty surface level. Which is a little ironic, given this is a space movie. 

Also, I can’t go without saying how cheesy some of the dialogue was. Sorry, Christopher, but you missed it this time. All too nice and sentimental and unrealistic and repetitive and not enough resounding qualities that you were probably looking for. I just think not enough time was spent on the dialogue. 

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff. It was so visually appealing. I wish I had a bigger TV; nay, I wish I could see this in theaters. I wish everyone could see it in theaters. I imagine that would be beautiful. The concepts it tangles with are mesmerizing. I talked about them for at least two hours afterwards (making this a near five hour escapade). I’m particularly fascinated with time on different planets. Mind blowing. And the acting was whew. Good. Matthew McConaughey watching the videos of his kids is prime. I’ll remember that scene forever. 

Was this top notch? In my books, no. Was it what I expected? No, and that’s both a good and bad thing. Were things left unexplained? Definitely. Did I still enjoy it? Sure. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. At least once.